The Medicare Rights Center recognizes that one of the most effective ways to educate the public about Medicare is through the media.

We know that the press is the best tool for disseminating information widely and to diverse audiences. We work closely with local and national media outlets to get the word out about important policy issues and the day-to-day Medicare challenges that consumers face. Our communications efforts allow us to reach consumers, advocates and policy makers, as well as decision makers in the health care industry.

Our Communications office routinely provides the press with news that impacts the nearly 45 million people with Medicare—and their family, friends, coworkers and communities. By alerting print, broadcast and online media outlets, we're able to keep people abreast of changes in the Medicare system, share our research findings and recommendations for reform, and inform them about new Medicare Rights Center initiatives.

We're an authority on Medicare, so the media turn to us to learn about Medicare trends and the latest program changes, and how they affect people with Medicare. Journalists call on us when they want help locating individuals who have experienced problems that illustrate the Medicare issue they are covering.

As experts in the national and state policy arenas, a source of training and education programs, and a provider of hotline services, the Medicare Rights Center is the prime source for journalists seeking up-to-date Medicare information for their stories.

If you are a member of the press, please contact us to be added to our press list.