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Available only through the Medicare Rights Center, Medicare Interactive (MI) Counselor is a dynamic, independent online resource of free information that helps older adults and people with disabilities navigate the complex world of health insurance.

Medicare Interactive Counselor provides easy-to-understand answers to the questions posed by nearly 45 million people with Medicare, as well as by their families and caregivers, and the professionals serving them. MI Counselor draws on the experience and best practices of our expert counselors, and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week - and since there's no wait-time, the information you need is right at your fingertips.

Our unbiased guidance is written by a team of Medicare and health literacy experts and is updated daily, ensuring that the answers you find are current and the language is consumer-friendly. It answers hundreds of questions, including:

Our easy-to-use features, such as the Google™ search bar, "Guide Me" and "Topic Menu," allow you to navigate the site without difficulty and quickly find what you need—essential answers, case examples, related questions, and handouts to download for your personal or professional use.

MI Counselor also serves as an information portal, with up-to-date links to relevant state and national resources. It also explains how Medicare works with state resources that can help pay for health care.

Whether you're a seasoned Internet navigator or just a novice, a savvy Medicare pro or someone who's just starting to learn, Medicare Interactive Counselor provides a wealth of great information that's easy to access and follow.

Medicare Interactive (MI) Counselor is the proud recipient of the E-Healthcare Leadership Platinum Award for Best Overall Internet Site and the WWW Health Silver Award from the World Wide Web Health Awards. It is also an official Honoree of the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences Webby Awards.

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