Help for Professionals

imageThe Medicare Rights Center offers comprehensive services to professionals who work with people who have Medicare and must understand the "in's" and "out's" of the system. If you're a caseworker, health care administrator or other professional, there are many different ways we can help you help your clients.

Our Webinars provide training on Medicare right at your own desktop.

When you call our Technical Assistance Hotline for Professionals, you'll speak with highly trained counselors who can address all Medicare questions.

If you have a Medicare-related case you'd like to refer to us, you can do so through Medicare Interactive (MI) Connections–Referrals.

Medicare Interactive (MI) Counselor is a free, independent online resource that features answers to questions we receive on our hotlines, as well as case examples based on our direct counseling work and links to relevant state and national resources.

A subscription to Medicare Interactive (MI) University can bring your new staff up to speed on all aspects of Medicare and ensure that existing staff are always up-to-date. This unique resource includes a series of online multimedia trainings on key Medicare and health care topics.

Sign up for our free e-newsletters and we'll bring our expertise straight to your inbox. The Medicare Counselor, our bimonthly newsletter, is written with professionals like you in mind. And Dear Marci, published weekly, features Medicare coverage advice, basic health tips and links to vital health care resources, all in easy-to-understand language. It's a resource both you and your clients can use.

And if you're a professional in New York State, we have resources tailored to your needs.

Many of our services mentioned above can be customized and branded to meet your organization's specific needs. Contact us to discuss how we can tailor a program for your company or group.