Volunteer Profile

Madeline A


Madeline A., a retired teacher

How She Learned about Us:

She wanted to do something helpful after she retired, and she heard about Medicare Rights Center through NY Cares, a group that mobilizes volunteers to help communities meet their needs.

Why Volunteering with Us Appealed to Her:

Madeline taught children throughout her career, and thought it would be fun to help older adults.

Learning about the Medicare system appealed to her, and she would be able to use her expertise in teaching to help people understand Medicare.

She also enjoys the freedom and flexibility of her schedule.


Traveling (favorite place is France), watching films, reading and going to museums

Memorable Case:

Madeline has had many cases that have stood out, but one of the most memorable involved a gentleman who had an accident at work and became a paraplegic. He called in for help obtaining a Medicare Savings Program. Madeline talked to him for a while and found out more about his life. The man told her that even though he is in a wheelchair and lives penny-to-penny, he has many friends who take care of him.

As a result of the accident, he lost two of his front teeth, and was embarrassed to even leave the house. A dentist offered to perform dental work for $1,800, but the man could not afford it. This situation really touched Madeline, and she helped him apply to a fund that pays up to $2,000 towards any procedure for someone in need. His application was approved and the man received dental care.