Volunteer Profile

Pete B


Pete B.

What Pete Did before Volunteering With Us:

Pete was a detective lieutenant with the New York City Police Department and a graduate of the 94th session of the F.B.I. Academy. He spent 27 years serving the people of New York City. He then became a supervisor of security at the New York Botanical Gardens for 13 years. You can say he went from smelling the streets of the city to smelling the roses at the Botanical Gardens.

How He Learned About Us:

Pete was doing some research to prepare for retirement and social security when he read about the Medicare Rights Center’s need for volunteers in his local newspaper. He attended a training class 6 years ago, and since then he’s enjoyed speaking about Medicare issues every month at three senior centers in Yonkers as a Seniors Out Speaking on Medicare (SOS Medicare) volunteer.

Why Volunteering With Us Appealed to Him:

Pete saw a need to educate older adults about how the health care system works with Medicare and other programs available to them. He enjoys speaking to people regarding information that is important to older adults or their family members.    


Boating, fishing and hiking in the Adirondack Mountains with his five children and eight grandchildren