What We Do

HannahOIf you’re a person with Medicare you know that the Medicare system is complex, and often difficult to navigate.

Because of these complexities, it’s likely that you’re not taking full advantage of the benefits that are available, or you’re spending more than you need to on premiums and prescription drugs.

The Medicare Rights Center is dedicated to helping people with Medicare—people like you—get the health care and medications they need and make the most of their Medicare rights and options.

Our Services for People with Medicare and Their Caregivers and Education Programs arm people with information, empowering them to use all of the benefits to which they are entitled. We also have a full library of Resources for Professionals.

helpThe Medicare Rights Center’s Public Policy team alerts Congress and the administration to problems facing Medicare consumers and recommends systemic improvements.

And our Communications department works with the press to keep consumers, policymakers and other professionals informed about the latest trends and changes in Medicare, and how they affect people with Medicare.

As an independent nonprofit organization, the Medicare Rights Center relies greatly on extensive financial support from foundations, corporations and concerned citizens like you.

Please help us help our fellow Americans access all of the Medicare rights and benefits to which they are entitled. Give Today!