Medicare Rights Center in the News

Our experts, services and resources are often featured in the news. Here are some recent examples that have appeared in prominent media outlets:

New Medigap Options

The Wall Street Journal, June 27, 2010, by Anne Tergesen

Consumers shopping for Medicare supplement insurance, or Medigap coverage, have some new options. On June 1, insurers started selling two new lower-cost Medigap policies and stopped offering four others. At the same time, the federal government, which regulates Medigap benefits, started requiring plans to cover at least a portion of hospice costs. Read entire story.

Don't Get Trapped By Medicare Enrollment Rules

Kiplinger, June 21, 2010, by Susan B. Garland

Retiring past age 65? You may choose to stick with your employer's health plan rather than signing up for Medicare. But you could risk going without insurance for several months, and pay an annual penalty for life, if you don't follow Medicare's strict enrollment rules. Read entire story.

Avoid Medicare Doughnut Hole Rebate Check Scams

Consumer Reports, June 18, 2010, by Anthony Giorgianni

As the first rebate checks go out to help those affected by the Medicare prescription drug coverage �doughnut hole,� recipients are being told to be on guard against scammers. Several state attorneys general have warned about a series of scams related to the tax-free, $250 rebate checks, the first wave which have recently been mailed. Read entire story.

Relief on Way for Elderly in Medicare�s �Doughnut Hole�

The Providence Journal, June 15, 2010, by Neil Downing

When Dorothy Plante had spent a certain amount last year for prescription drugs, her prescription drug insurance coverage suddenly stopped. In response, she stopped taking two prescriptions for a time � �the two most expensive ones,� she said � until her coverage kicked in again. Read entire story.

What Does Health Reform Mean for Women on Medicare?

Raising Women's Voices, June 7, 2010, by Lois Uttley

That's a common question that Raising Women's Voices coordinators are encountering as we present community forums around the nation on what is in the new health reform law, formally known as the Affordable Care Act. Apparently, we are not the only ones getting this question! Read entire story.

Seniors Get New Options for Medigap Coverage

Sun-Sentinel, May 31, 2010, by Bob LaMendola

Starting Tuesday, seniors have fresh new options to lower the monthly premiums on Medigap health policies. The catch: the lower-priced plans make seniors pay more out of pocket. Read entire story.

Medigap Changes May Be a Time To Shop

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, May 20, 2010, by Teresa McUsic

Medicare supplement policies, also known as Medigap coverage, are undergoing some changes June 1, and it may be a good time to consider shopping around to see whether you can find better and perhaps cheaper coverage. But tread cautiously, consumer advocates advise. Read entire story.