Story Bank

The health care debate is often mired in weighty statistics and abstract research findings that leave the real tales untold—the tales that show the effects of legislation and policies as they are played out in real people's lives.

Our Tell Us Your Story project is a central resource for journalists who want to put a face on those tales.

The Medicare Rights Center regularly hears from people with Medicare about their struggles to obtain the health care and medicines they need. We hear about the consequences they suffer by going without proper treatment. By capturing their experiences and making them available to journalists, we help reveal how our nation's policies affect real people with real health problems. The Medicare Rights Center always obtains permission from the person before releasing his or her story to the press.

Whether you're looking for an older couple who can't afford their prescription drugs, a person with disabilities who lost her insurance because she's unable to work, or someone who was fraudulently enrolled into a Medicare private health plan, we'll help you illustrate how failings in the system take a devastating toll on people's physical, emotional and financial well-being.

Contact us if you're a journalist and would like to tap into our Tell Us Your Story project and meet the people behind the stories.


Visit Tell Us Your Story to read about people's experiences with Part D, the Two-Year Waiting Period, or Medicare Private Health Plans.